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PIC Level – 4 Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying

Higher National Certificate in Quantity Surveying aims to enhance scope of knowledge and skills in the areas of large scale building services and contraction services. Some of the key deliverables also include; substructure and industrial/commercial superstructures, quantitative building studies, substructure and drainage, floors/roofs, and standard forms of construction contracts. 

Higher National certificate in Occupational Health and Service qualification consists of 04 mandatory units and for a combined total of 120 academic credits. This curriculum is defined as being the number of credits that may be awarded to a learner for the successful achievement of the learning outcomes of a unit. One credit is equal to 10 hours of National Learning Hours.

PIC/HNCQS/4021 Building services and Environmental Science 30
PIC/ HNCQS/4022 Building Survey and Inspection 30
PIC/ HNCQS/4023 Construction Practice 30
PIC/ HNCQS/4024 Cost Planning and Tender Process 30


This is a stand-alone qualification, but there are entry requirements. Applicants must have obtained one of the followings:

General Certificate Educational (G.C.E) Advanced Level qualification with 3 passes or any qualification which is at Level 3 or foundation diploma course and General Certificate Educational (G.C.E) Ordinary level qualification or equivalent qualification with 06 subject’s passes. 

This certificate qualification is expected to be provided minimum of 12 months for full-time study. The PIC shall make sure the time management and hours of program are covered as per the qualification requirements. This programme is flexible and delivered in person, virtual platform, through lectures and tutorial assignments.