Linguistics programme

Higher National Certificate in English

Higher National Certificate in English Level aims to provide knowledge and understanding of basic structures of English and general vocabulary. The primary emphasis of the course will be on enhancing language skills through the lenses of spoken and written expressions. The qualification also aims to develop elementary skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

An examination will be held at the end of each semester, which will determine the final marks. The assessment will be based on both internal and external academic assessments. In order to attain a PASS, students will have to accomplish at least 65% of the aggregate marks both through internal and external assessments.

Unit Number Unit Credits
L/HNCE/4041 Introduction to Linguistics 15
L/ HNCE/4042 Introduction to ESL Methodology 15
L/ HNCE/4043 Language in Society 15
L/ HNCE/4044 Research and Academic Development Skills 15
L/ HNCE/4045 Sounds 15
L/ HNCE/4046 Theory and Practice in English Language Teaching 15
L/ HNCE/4047 Understanding Data in Linguistics 15
L/ HNCE/4048 Words and Sentences 15

This is a stand-alone qualification, but there are entry requirements. Applicants must have obtained one of the followings:

 General Certificate Educational (G.C.E) Ordinary level qualification or equivalent qualification with 06 subject’s passes and/ or General Certificate Educational (G.C.E) Advanced Level qualification with 3 passes.

This certificate qualification is expected to be provided a minimum of 08 months for full-time study. PiC should make sure the time management and hours of the program are covered as per the qualification requirements. This program is flexible and delivered in person, virtual platform, through lectures and tutorial assignments.